About ME

Passionate about digital is an understatement!

After nearly 14 years working across several well known brands I decided to take the plunge and set up as a digital consultant. I have seen how a business can grow when the right online strategy is in place. its my aim to help SME's understand and most importantly grow their digital presence using clever digital marketing. 

I am an avid online shopper and any marketers' dream. So much so, 80% of my purchases are via a website or app. I even considered buying a car - however I had to draw the line somewhere.

As well as a passionate digital marketer, I am also a qualified life coach. I have lived in New York and Sydney and been privileged to meet so many amazing people along the way, working for some big brands including Barratt Homes, Henri Lloyd and Delphi Automotive.

Over the years I have seen how business has changed and evolved, from the early days when many brands believed people wouldn’t enter credit card details online to now, where nearly 46% of sales are done via smartphones. Some of those unbelievers were left behind, but the savvy ones are still going strong and keeping us on our toes!

Digital marketing has helped build some of the biggest online brands we know today, with some of the smallest marketing budgets. How? They were smart, understood their customers and were able to implement clever eCRM strategies long before it was even a common practice. They understood the power of data! 

What I thrive on is helping businesses think strategically about how they approach their digital marketing. There are so many cost-effective ways to market your brands via digital channels. However, it is not a 'one size fits all' approach. 

Interested? Get in touch, I would love to hear from you. 

Photo of Emma Porter