Knowledge is more powerful when shared

Setting up as a digital marketing consultant has been something I have considered for many years. I have always enjoyed strategising and filling my head with lots of ideas on how I can grow brands. The funny thing I have found is that sometimes when we work for one company, we become a little indoctrinated in the culture. After a few years, thinking outside the box can be a challenge.
I am currently working with a reasonably new business helping them develop their marketing strategy, with a minimal budget. I spent a few days reviewing their SEO and overall digital presence. I provided them with several recommendations across their website content/structure, keyword suggestions and showed them several tools in their CMS as well as how to set up Google Analytics. 
When I ran through the recommendations I was completely taken aback by the fact they hadn’t considered some key areas. It made me realise that I am indoctrinated into how I think about marketing and digital marketing specifically, as this is what I have done for 14 years. However, to someone on the outside the simplest of best practice rules are completely foreign. It reinforced to me that setting up a business to help SME’s who don’t have the resource or funding for in house expertise, would find great value in the types of simple recommendations I could provide. As time goes on and they grow (because of the recommendations I provided of course!) we can start to develop a longer term working relationship.
I recently attended the Northern Business Expo in Manchester with the aim to sit through as many of the workshops as possible, to gather information for my new business. One thing that struck me about the event was how many workshops were designed around digital marketing. It really is a key topic for any business. Google presented about ‘Know your business data’ and ‘Social Media Strategy’ and some interesting insights were shared. Yell, the old yellow pages company, have reinvented themselves as a digital marketing agency of sorts and the CEO spoke about using digital marketing to build your business. One speaker who really inspired me was Steven Barlett founder of Social Chain. It is leaders like him that reinforce how some are so successful in business. 
Here are some of the things I took home with me:
•    89% of the UK go online at least once a day
•    We use 3.4 devices (no idea where the .4 comes from!)
•    Mobile needs to be a key strategy for all businesses – your website must be responsive! (In this day and age, I am still surprised to see when a website isn’t)
•    Digital marketing (done correctly) allows small businesses to really take on the big brands/players in their industry
•    By 2020, 30% of searches will be done by voice so you need to ensure your site is optimised for SEO (images and video especially). Also, all your business data is correct across all aspects of your website
•    Social Media is a £2bn market in the UK
•    79% of the UK use social media everyday (up 42% from 2017)
•    Facebook is still the most effective way to brand build (87% of adults are on FB)
•    Ensure you have a LinkedIn page for your business
•    YouTube is apparently the biggest search engine – this confirms my belief that video is key to your content marketing strategy. In fact, Facebook boosts video content in its search results

That is only a snippet of what I learnt but, as sharing is caring, I thought it would be rude not to pass on these insights. Until next time.