The basics..... Understanding your customers.

When starting out as a new business there are so many things you need to consider.

What is your product offering? Who are your competitors? What is your target demographic? How will you bring it to market?

The list is endless……. You can spend hours and hours researching and produce so many insights but where does it really get you?

Why do I buy the brands I do? I buy into how they make me feel, how they make me look and with some, how much I save (not that my husband thinks so)!  But stop there. This is the mistake so many businesses make. They put themselves as the customer. They use their own buying habits as the case study when it can only lead you down a very narrow path.

So how can you find out how to relate to your target customer? Talk to them. How? Get social. Find out where they hang out and listen to their conversations. What interests them. Understand where your competitors hang out. I recently spoken to a company that were adamant Twitter was not for them. In doing some research I found so many of their competitors on there. Was their decision based on personal experience or had they done their own competitor research? I am not saying you need to follow your competitors like sheep, however do your homework before you make a final decision about a certain marketing opportunity. You will never know until you try!

A couple of years ago, I sat in a meeting and listened to most in the room agree that their customers didn’t use online, they still required a brochure to assist with purchasing decisions. This was while they all sat with their smart phones next to them on their desk. I asked what made them come to this decision? It was not based in market research, it was based on habit and aversion to change.

Which brings me to my next subject. Measuring success. Don’t be averse to change, you can test, test and keep testing.  NEVER leave digital campaigns running for months in the hope it will achieve the results you are looking for. The advantages of digital marketing, is the ability to test and review constantly. Weekly reports, not monthly! Especially if you are using an external agency.

I have worked for so many companies who plough money into marketing and must wait months for the results/returns. While, the savvy ones are seeing instant results with a clever influencer/social media campaign and/or Google Ads - which I still believe are one of the most effective ways to target and brand build.  

So, I am a new business, how do I want people to buy into my brand?

I want them to relate to me.

Know I have their best interest at heart.

I will be honest.

How will I market my brand?

I will write blogs (in the hope someone might like them!)

I will reach out to businesses using LinkedIn/Twitter – get social

I will share great minds content

I will network (not sit behind a computer)

I will train and learn as much as I can – so I can be the best I can

The world is made up of so many diverse businesses. All with their own specific needs and requirements. The exciting part is finding clever ways to market their brand and when you find success, learn, adjust and keep learning. Until next time.