Looking to do a digital audit? No digital expertise in house but require digital strategy? Not sure how your digital channels are performing?

This is where I can come in.  I work with small/medium size businesses to help them;

  • Review website functionality
  • Develop email marketing strategy
  • Create and implement social media strategies
  • Grow their brand via online channels
  • Work on ways to understand their customers behaviours online
  • Optimise their websites to ensure they are getting maximum benefits
  • Ongoing support with digital marketing activity

I can tailor the services offered depending on your needs, from a couple of hours a week to a few days a month with very competitive rates.

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content marketing

Building a sustainable content marketing strategy for any business is now a key part of the overall marketing strategy. Video content is still a top contender but never forget the power of influencer marketing.  Spending time reaching out to influencers is a time-consuming job and a deflating a task but it is well worth it. Content marketing can lead to real success for some businesses (not just FMCG or Retail) and is now a growing area of interest for B2B.

What Nourish Digital can do:

  • Strategic idea/content creation
  • Reaching out to influencers on your behalf
  • Distribution of content
  • Help drive profitable customer action
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There is no exact science when it comes to SEO. However, there are some basic rules you need to follow to ensure your website is optimised.  Getting your website to the top of the search results is every business wish, but once you are there you still need to encourage people to click on your website so good content is key.

What Nourish Digital can do:

  • SEO audit of your site
  • Link building
  • Content audits
  • Set reports/metrics
Photo of the word Keyword


It can be daunting trying to decide the keywords you want to focus on, what should your budget be? Where shall you advertise? This is where Nourish Digital can help. With experience in developing, building and managing PPC campaigns from the smallest budget to million pound, no challenge is too difficult. 

What Nourish Digital can do:

  •  Keyword analysis
  • Campaign build
  • Monitoring/refine campaigns
  • Drive profitable
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social media

Around 82% of businesses use a social media platform. Taking the time to understand how social media will work for your business is vital to its success. Listen to your customers, this is so important. Many brands think they need to be across every platform, spreading themselves too thinly.  Knowing which platform is best suited to your customers and focusing on them is key. Less is more!

What Nourish Digital can do:

  • Driven Social Marketing
  • Posts on your behalf
  • Increase engagement